Kayak With The Seals

Paddle in the sheltered waters of Adrigole Harbour, West Cork, where seals will follow your kayak and curiously bob up their heads around you.


From €10.00

Kayak Adventures

  • Suitable for: all ages & abilities welcome
  • Duration: 1-2 hr
  • Available from: June, July, August
  • No experience necessary!
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From €25.00

Canoeing Adventures

Canoes offer you a gentle option for a comfortable dry (ish) paddle sat upright in a bench seating. €25 for a canoe suitable for 2 or 3 adults or a family with small children (under 5).

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Discover Beauty of Adrigole Harbour

Paddle out into West Cork’s picturesque Adrigole Harbour, quoted as one of Europe’s most beautiful harbours, where a world of natural wonders awaits. Explore the home to a colony of over 30 Common Seals and a few Grey Seals resting on rocks or swimming the crystal clear waters. Sea birds swirl above you, and some take thrilling dives into the crystal-clear waters as you paddle your kayak or canoe. Glide alongside fragrant gorse bushes and breathe in their intoxicating coconut scent, adding a sensory delight to your journey.

Practical Elements for Every Adventurer

No matter your age, skill level, or body size, we’ve got the perfect vessel for your adventure. Choose from our diverse fleet of kayaks and canoes, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for all. Our team is always ready to offer expert guidance on launching and paddling techniques, making your journey safe and exhilarating.

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All the Amenities
You Need

For your convenience, we provide changing pods to ensure you’re ready for the water and outdoor fresh water showers to rinse after your paddle. Wetsuits are readily available to rent and keep you warm and comfortable during your adventure. Safety is our priority, and we provide a full range of buoyancy aids tailored to all ages and sizes, so you can explore the sea with peace of mind.

Orthorn Island: A Sanctuary for Coastal Birds

Nestled at the heart of Adrigole Harbour, Orthon Island is a vital nesting ground for seabirds, including graceful Sea Terns and Oyster Catchers. In the spirit of conservation, we kindly request that visitors refrain from landing on the island during nesting season. Instead, take in the beauty of these magnificent birds from the vantage point of your kayak, respecting the sanctuary they call home.

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Kayak & Canoe Options

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€15.00 per hour
… deals for 2+ hours and groups

Sit on Top

  • 1 person per Kayak
  • Max capacity 89kilos / 14stone / 198lbs
  • Available for all age groups
  • Wetsuit, swimsuit or light clothing Required
  • 10 singles currently available
  • Large Kayak available on request
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€25.00 per hour
… deals for 2+ hours and groups

Sit on Top

  • 2 people or 3rd small in triple Kayak
  • Max capacity 250kg / 39stone / 550lbs
  • Available for all age groups
  • Wetsuit, swimsuit or light clothing Required
  • 4 doubles and 1 triple available
  • Use double paddles.
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€50.00 per hour
… deals for 2+ hours and groups


  • 2-3 Adults or Family with Young Kids
  • Max capacity 320kilo / 50stone / 705lbs
  • Use single paddles or doubles
  • Wetsuit, swimsuit or light clothing Required
  • 2 canoes available
  • Great for bringing your dog too
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Looking for somewhere to stay for your adventure holiday or short break?

The Boat House

  • Ensuite Rooms – each with a view
  • Solar panel powered
  • Geothermal heating
  • On the waterside
  • Boat yard
  • Discounted kayaking
  • Great for outdoor adventurers
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We recommend you bring towel to dry off when you get back and many kayakers can’t resist a swim after. We have basic cold water showers to rinse the salt off and changing pods for your convenience.

Safety Rules

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Buoyancy Aids are provided and compulsory to wear

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Life jackets are available for small children (age 2up)

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We only allow boats to go out in suitable wind conditions. We take the paddlers strength and ability into consideration.

Group 7451

The boats have a limited weight capacity. See our maximum weight chart HERE to check.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to bring?

    – We recommend you bring togs, towel or a change of clothes and towel. Bring your wet suit if you have your own.

  • Can I rent a wet suit?

    – YES. We have wetsuits from age 2 to XXL adult

  • Will I get wet?

    – YES. You will get wet legs and bum in the kayaks. You will get damp in the canoes.

  • Can I take a shower?

    – YES. We have a cold fresh water outdoor shower available for you to rinse off the salt water.

  • Are their toilets and changing rooms?

    – YES. We have changing room pods for your comfort.

Local Wildlife

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Atlantic Seals

There is a resident colony of around 30 seals in Adrigole Harbour, mainly consisting of Common Seals and a few Grey Seals. They have a distinctive different look. The Grey Seal has a larger more bulbus head, while the Common Seal is often considered the ‘cuter’ looking of the two. See our gallery.

We have an enormous respect for the seals and have a few guidelines we ask all kayakers to follow.

  • Do not disturb a resting seal by paddling too close
  • Keep 100m distance
  • Do not try to follow the seals
  • Stay quiet and no splashing
  • Do not try to swim with the seals
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Sea Birds

Adrigole Harbour is the resting place or home for a wide range of sea birds. Turns, Oyster Catchers, Black Guillemots, Great Northern Divers, Sand Pipers, Curlews, Whimbrel (when migrating), Cormorants, Swans, Black Back Guls. Swallows & House Martins also visit. Over wintering ducks join in the estuary too.

  • Do not disturb a resting seal by paddling too close
  • Keep 5m distance
  • Do not try to follow the Birds
  • Stay quiet and no splashing
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